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It is  imperative  to provide a Safe and Healthy working environment for all personel and others who may be affected by our undertakings. As followed by this will be achieved by compliance with European Union directives and regulations set by government agencies.


Dukes Security is  responsible for adherence to Health and Safety legislation. The Health and Safety Representative is responsible for advising management of current regulations, for defining procedures, identifying risks and ensuring compliance with all Health and Safety measures. The most senior member of our staff is responsible for ensuring that it provides a safe working environment. Every employee must take responsibility for working safely and for complying with health and safety guidelines issued by our Company.


Duke Security  recognises that it has a mutual responsibility with the customer to minimise risks, in particular to our employees, on customers’ premises. We will liaise closely with the customer to identify risk and ensure compliance with health and safety legislation. Information on any preventative or protective measures to be implemented will be provided to staff in the Assignment Instructions for the site and training will be provided by local management. Regular assessments will be carried out to ensure that information remains up to date and relevant.


Health and Safety training will be given to all new employees as part of their Induction and commitment to Dukes security and also  Additional training will be provided where new or increased risks are identified to counteract any of those risks .


Although our goal will always remain the elimination of risk, Personal Protective Equipment will be provided where necessary in compliance with government legislation and clients requirement.Where equipment  is needed  and  failure to use it may result in disciplinary action.


Dukes security  provides adequate measures, training, information and supervision to minimise risk, however, we rely on the support and full co-operation of all our employees in our efforts to provide a safe working environment.

Please note, it is our clients responsibility to hold the right insurances & policies for the safety & security of their premises, company  goods, their customers & our security guards while they are working within the area of our clients premises.

Duke Security inspects  each and every site prior to commencing to ensure that adequate welfare facilities are in place for all our staff and these facilities are made available by our customers. Due to the very nature of the role of Security Officer we do not have any reason to handle or control any substances which are hazardous to Health & Safety (COSHH). However, if we come across such potential hazards we will report them to the customer immediately and do not enter the area until it is rectified.

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